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In 1982, a small but dedicated group of Pacificans "accepted the challenge to assist and support essential, locally administered service agencies in order to build a broad and higher quality of life for Pacificans."  These were the words of one of our earliest board members, Bill Growney.


During a time of substantial cutbacks to local agencies and their programs, particularly in the area of human services, this was a laudable statement.  Alongside Bill Growney, other movers and shakers were Marv Morganti, Robert Siebert, Sheila Hyman, Karl Baldwin, Grace McCarthy, and Henry Budinot. This team began a long-term community effort to help Pacificans in need, with a history of many community members coming on board to help.

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Allocation of Funds

Every year since then, Pacificans Care has worked to raise funds and to allocate them to meet specific agency needs, as identified in grant applications, including:


  • Senior transportation

  • Meals-On-Wheels vehicles

  • Facility renovations and furnishings

  • Staff supplementation

  • Child safety programs

  • Field trips for youngsters

  • Audiovisual and electronic equipment

  • Staff funding

  • Counseling fees

  • Operating support

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A previous allocation of checks to the services we support. [Front Row] Debbie Skiles, Denise Reed, Marie Ciepiela, Debbie Kiest, Ginny Janes, Cindy Abbott, Christine Stahl, [Bak Row] Ginny Jaquith, Patty Mc Nally, Alice Bull, Ann Cooney, Bruce Banco, Bill Michaelis, Charlotte Jacobs, Mari Brumm-Merrill

Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising efforts have included city-wide fund collection drives, collection tables at local markets, special giving and donation programs, phone-a-thons, grant applications, annual Share of Care mailing campaigns, volunteering at the Fog Fest souvenir booth, and —starting in 2009— Speakeasy Night. Additionally, Pacificans Care is registered with smile.amazon.com

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